domingo, 31 de dezembro de 2017

I did what I Had to do

“I did what I had to do”

“I did it my way “

When flying you can see humanity, and realize that they are lacking in saying the things they truly feel. The hope is in the leaders. But the words spoken by leaders and politicians are the words of someone kneeling for self-interests.

The root cause of the problem is to decline the work of the Self, hide the action of Boddhisattwa, and feign to be working for the sake of humanity. Do it different! Do it connection with Self (Inner divinity), the Ayahuasca show de way.

Just one person, with Boddhisattwa´s willing, fearless, it is necessary to make a difference. Do not forget: the spiritual work and the union of the soul mates is a priority.

And in the end remember: I did what I had to do, I did it my way.

sexta-feira, 7 de julho de 2017

Horus Eye

To conduct our extreme Inner Strength, we need to know it, scrutinizing all the recondites of our soul, with delicate hands, to conduct our lives, guided by the voice of the heart and guided by the Eye of the Interior Falcon. This parth can be make by the sacred Ayahuasca.

There are many ways to find the balance. But always, the most powerful key will be that which is achieved in the perfect fitting of two hands. Hands wich were born to keep up intertwined. Soul Mates!

And find our little way of taming our strength, is crucial for the eternal union of this hands, bodies and hearts. Because the Energy, must always be controlled, and Love, keeping warm. Because their flame, leads all with perfection. Soul Mates!